GrowLash Eye Lash Growth Enhancing Serum

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Ingredients : Bio-enzyme EPM, Aqa, hair follicle growth factor, Ascorbic, Hyaluronic acid, Tocopherol, Urea. Secification : 6ml How to use : Apply the eyelash serum sparingly twice a day for more result, in the morning and night. Use regularly to achieve efficient hair growth. You will start to see results after just 4 to 6 weeks. Once you have achieved the desired eyelash length, you only need to apply the serum 2 to 3 times a week to maintain this length. The first time you use the serum, you may feel a slight brief tingling or stinging. This may happen for 3 to 5 days, until the skin is desensitized. If you experience any skin irritation or redness, discontinue use immediately. Apply the eyelash serum to dry skin on the upper and lower eyelids with the lid closed, like eyeliner. The amount on the brush is enough to apply to both eyes. To achieve full result, make sure to use this entire tube as directed.

  • Growlash is registered trade mark of the Astute Healthcare Ltd, UK. The Natural way to get fantastically beautiful eyelashes.
  • You will see a clear improvement in just 4-6 weeks time. the product has been dermatological tested and only contains ingredients with proven tolerability and effectiveness.
  • Growlash eyelash growth serum combines the latest findings from the science and technology of cosmetics and medical research with highly effective ingredients.
  • Growlash Eyelash serum does not contain any colourings, fragrances, or preservatives.
  • It revitalizes eyelashes and stimulate eyelashes growth, making them longer, thicker and stronger. The active ingredients of product stimulate the roots of your eyelashes, lengthen the growth phase, and at the same time delay your eyelashes falling out.

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